Skippy Has A Good Point of View


by Michael Lodge

Every morning jumps up on the window box to look out the window, to see what dogs are walking down the street.  After he is done looking out the window he comes and jumps on my bed to tell me to take him outside.  First he wants to see what is going on in his world and then he is ready to take care of business.

Every morning from 5 am to 6 am I read up on what is going on in the world and in business.   Then I get up and head to the office to take care of business.  Skippy has a better view of the world, he knows that I am here to take care of his needs in his world.  We as humans know we have a tougher world, we have responsibilities where people and issues are depending on us.  Perhaps we need to be more like Skippy and look out the window and know life is all about the view to come up with the solutions.