A Cup Of Coffee and a Small Sense of Community


by Michael Lodge

Every weekend I go to a local Toluca Lake coffee shop called Patty’s.   Every weekend it is filled with people who live in the community, the waiters know you when you go in and know where to sit you.  There is a sense of community and it feels good.

In Los Angeles it is hard to find a true sense of community.  No one knows their neighbors, it is hard to make long lasting friends because everyone is on a fast pace move.  We all zig and zag trying to survive.  Last week I was in South Carolina,  everyone in my honest neighborhood knows everyone.  If someone is sick there is soup from ine the neighbors, I have even received pies.  Everyone in the community takes care of each other if they need it.  That is what community is all about.

When you find a place that feels like community it makes it fun to go to after a busy busy week of work.  I love the feeling of community, to live it.  I think it is around us and if we live it daily a community becomes stronger – if we participate.  Yes, even in the hectic city of Los Angeles we can create strong communities.