Don’t Be Afraid of Re-Branding Yourself

I just got back from South Carolina where I rested and got recharged with new energy, read some books, visited with people, and ate very well.  However, when you get back to the office people give you things to put on your desk that involves more work – which is good.  But you kind of miss sitting on the park bench in Charleston SC looking out at the ocean.  But life moves forward.

In the next two weeks I relaunch my real estate firm with a new name.  The name changes to Castle – Lodge Realty Group.  I changed it because the name tells the story of my family.  My moms maiden name was Castle and my fathers name was Lodge.  Castle – Lodge, two great real estate names that describes what everyone is looking for in their dream home.  So June 1 the company changes names to tell the story of two great families and a great team of realtors.  Every once in awhile you have to re-brand, tell a story, and move forward and continue the growth.  We all have to do that, even in our personal branding where we are trying to grow – sometimes there are changes we have to make to tell our story, even our personal ones.  Don’t be afraid to re-brand yourself and grow.

The most important thing in our life is to grow, and re-branding yourself help you grow – in business or on the personal side of life.  You have to tell your story, what is it about you that people need you?  What experience do you have that can help them and they will need you.  Tell your story, re-brand yourself, constantly learn and listen.  That is the way you achieve growth.  The more you tell your story the better the person or business you become in letting people know that you have developed a strong core to help them.  Get out and brand yourself or your business – let people know about you.