How Firm Is Your House


By Michael Lodge

Today I am in Charleston,  South Carolina.  I have been walking through the old historical neighborhoods.  Houses that have a firm foundation and live on through time with loving care from their owners.  Each house has a story, slavery, ship captains, land owners, and some even have the story of murder because of secrets.  Each home has a story that has lived down the walk of history.

How is your house?  And I am not talking about your physical house, I am talking about you.  What is your life going to tell about you?  What is your plan to leave a mark on people’s lives, business, Healthcare or other profession you have chosen.  What are you going to do to make a difference?  It is a big question with a lot of opportunity.  In your on business or profession, what can you do as a company or a person to make a difference in your community?

A few weeks ago I saw a video story about a young entrepreneur who bought 100 hamburgers, 100 apples, and 100 juice boxes.  He then took some staff and spent the morning handing out food sacks to the homeless.  I think he spent about $200, but it put smiles on 100 homeless people.  That very single selfless act made a difference for that one day.  Now what would happen if another 31 people did the same thing?  A difference would start in that very community.  Or how about if you adopted one school kid and tutored him for a school year, what a way to make a difference.  So many options to create your own story. 

Be creative with your heart.