Having a Big Paycheck Does Not Mean Your Rich

By Michael Lodge

So many clients come into our office that make very good money, they are the high wage earners in America.  They feel they are rich because they make a lot of money each year.  That is not rich because most spend all that they earn, and when they can’t spend anymore they then go into dwbt.  They put no money in savings or retirement accounts because they have spent everything.  This happens everyday, spend and going into debt.  That big paycheck they bring home is spent but they have convinced themselves they are rich, but in a blink of an eye it can all be taken from them.  Companies downsize, jobs get lost or reshuffled at lower wages, or they have been fired.  They have spent everything and the word rich turns into two words – poor house.

Come on guys, make a budget, a plan for the future, cut your spending, live below what you make, save and invest.  Get a second source of income started.  Your not rich, get that out of your thinking process.  Your only rich when you put  budget and plan together and focus on the future.  Get it together!