Sometimes You Need A Place To Go To Rest


By Michael Lodge

When you are so busy with your profession you need a place you can go to do something different.  I flew in last night to Greenville,  South Carolina.  I have a home on two acres with a lot of things to do.  Tomorrow I will clean out the gutters, trim the trees, pull some weeds and never answer the phone.   The most important is never answering the phone.   It didn’t even bother me that American Airlines lost my luggage, no big deal because I know all I have to worry about is walking the dogs, working on the property and seeing the blue Jay’s flying by.  So get a place to call your own, to geta a fresh breath, to work out issues in life, and continue to live.  It doesn’t have to be a place in South Carolina, find a place that is different that means something special to you where you can get down to another fresh start.  We need in life a lot of fresh starts.  Let’s freshen up.  It’s all good.